A lad 'n a lamp
04/30/2000 00:00:00



An action-packed Panto-Adventure

Have you ever attended a Janice Honeyman Panto before? If not it's essential that you do!!! You'll realise what you've been missing!
That time for fabulous fantasy and an Eastern feast of fun is coming up soon!
Yes, it's time to book your ticket for a sensational magic carpet ride We will show you "a whole new world" of exotic and exciting surprises!
Meet the Genie of the Lamp, the Slave of the Ring, the Widow Sunlaait and her sons Aladdin and Wishee, the lovely Princess Lotus, the Honourable Jerry Joko and his lady-love Chop Suzy, the cuddly-muddly Mulbury Bear and many more.
Aladdin - son of the laundry-lady Dame Sunlaait - fallen head-over-heels in love with the Princess Lotus Blossom - an unacceptable breach of decorum! She is, after all, exceptionally upper-crust and has been chosen by her father - the Emperor Wun Long Dong - as a bride for the young colonial aristocrat, Jerry Joko, son of the ambassador and exploitative tea baron, Earl Gray.
Joko, meanwhile, has fallen for the local lady of leisure, Chop Suzy - could she be his favourite take-away from the local Chinese restaurant? If only he could ! How is each guy going to get his girl?
How is Aladdin going to free the Genie of the Lamp, and be rewarded with a wealth of riches from the Cave of Jewels, so that he can afford to marry the lovely Lotus Blossom?
The answers will unfold before your very eyes!
The ups-and-downs and round-and-rounds of this age-old story will be played out in true rollicking, musical, mad and fun-filled holiday style!
This year's Panto takes us on an amazing adventure from the backstreets of Jo'burg and the hustle and bustle of the Oriental Plaza to the Magnificent Moonbeam Mountains; from a far-off Eastern palace, to the evil magician Abanzar's Dreadfully-Dark and Dirty-Disgusting Den.
This year's transform to the Cave of Jewels promises to be as super-spectacular and more magical than you've ever seen! The set designer, Anthony Farmer and costume designer, Frances Michaletos assure us that they will go bigger, better and more exotic than ever before!!!
You will see dances from Kwela to Kwaito, Rap to Rave, oldies to acrobatics
You will hear current hits and a generous helping of nostalgia!
There will be a never-ending supply of jokes - topical and traditional, silly and sophisticated and - as always - naughty and nice.
As usual - you will be required to participate in the obligatory traditional sing-along!
What stars will you see? All the talented Youngsters and the old favourites you've enjoyed before will be together on stage again to bring you the very best in local entertainment!
As always, there will be something for everyone, no matter how long you've been around five to fifty six to seventy eight to eighty It's specially for you!!! So make this year's Panto a "Whole-Family" affair!
You'll all have a ball if you make your block bookings early!

11,500 seats have already been sold!

Book now for your charity, your school, your Christmas party or end-of-year bash!

Special block booking concessions are available - contact Production Sales on 403-3408 or fax 403-3412:-
Barbara D'Arrigo Ext 102
Nano Gina Ext 268
Sipho Shuwisa Ext 195
Nomntu Luzipo Ext 147
Lungi Mseleku Ext 264
We have excellent function facilities:-
Luxury Suits include Shakespeare Room, Verdi Room and Mozart Room, for further information contact Clarissa Brown on 403-3408 Ext 193.
The Terrace and Phambili Promenade Rooms are multi-purpose private venues which can be utilised for lunches, dinners, receptions and cocktail parties, meetings and seminars, contact Shaun O'Connell Ext 152, Peggy Matthews Ext 269 or Mark du Plessis Ext 292.
We will assure you of your Holiday-time
"Place of Pleasure" at the Civic this year.