The Boys in the Photograph must close July 10

Joburg Theatre
06/23/2010 14:16:33

Love! Freedom! Suspense! And one beautiful game amidst a war zone! The Boys in the Photograph on stage now at the Mandela, Joburg Theatre until July 10.

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ben Elton's compassionate, heart-wrenching and power house musical, The Boys in the Photograph, on stage at The Mandela, Joburg Theatre, must close on July 10. Powerfully directed by Janice Honeyman, this epic South African production will remain in your hearts and minds forever.

Some of the reviews received for The Boys in the Photograph:

"If you ever needed proof that Joburg Theatre stands tall when it comes to world-class staging, then The Boys in the Photograph would be it. You will feel your heart ache for the universality of this story. The music and lyrics are beautiful." (Annette Bayne, Citizen)

"Andrew Lloyd Webber's score is both haunting and rousing - on a par musically with The Phantom Of The Opera ... Ben Elton's script crackles with wit and insightful satire ... this all South African production is a celebration of our world-class performers and crew ... a perfect fit for South Africa during the World Cup." (Gayle Edmunds, City Press)

"Certainly one of the most ambitious productions ever to be staged in South Africa ... perhaps one of the best the great Janice Honeyman has ever staged ... quite splendid and extraordinary ... a beautiful sight to behold which sometimes takes the breath away." (Leon van Nierop,

"Johan Engel's inventive set design alone is worthy of gushing superlatives ... an adult musical for the 21st century theatre audience that likes substance behind its entertainment calories ... an unconventional big musical encounter that is highly recommended." (Christina Kennedy, Sunday Times)

"A production that will blow your socks off. It has truckloads of charisma ... the technology on display is staggering ... the whole thing is skilled and absorbing ... See it." (Mary Jordan, Business Day)

"A visual feast ... this is no ordinary musical ... many of the scenes touch the soul because of their parallels with the South African situation." (Peter Feldman,

"Amazing ... it was so breathtaking ... the most creatively spectacular show we have ever seen ... South Africans will have to wait a long time before they see something equal to this dazzling extravaganza ... Absolutely unmissable. Score? 10/10." (Jeremy and Jacqui Mansfield)

"Africa may never have seen anything quite like this ... it's a hugely ambitious spectacular." (David Smith, UK Guardian)

"The Boys In The Photograph is anything but forgettable and I was left reeling after watching it ... a simply brilliant depiction of a soccer game ... the stage set by Johan Engels - and it all works magnificently and faultlessly - really is a tour de force ... this breathtaking production is a poignant, depth-filled show that remains with you long after curtain call." (Arja Salafranca, Sunday Independent)

"To extend the footballing metaphor, one might suggest that Joburg Theatre CEO (manager/coach) Bernard Jay and his team have been implementing a long-term strategy; they bring integrity, careful planning and no small amount of skilful execution to their participation in the FIFA World Cup ... few will deny it is an impressive piece of work. First and foremost, it is a visual spectacle, each scene morphing seamlessly into the next ... Musically, the ‘Lloyd Webber effect' takes hold: there are melodies that acquire potency as they are woven through the production and remain vivid in the mind's ear long after the show. Partners of shower-singers beware." (Chris Thurman, Financial Mail)

"It's a love story, a hate story, a story about soccer, politics, people, the innocent and the guilty. It's about democracy and autocracy, the enfranchised and the disenfranchised, the fight for power at all costs, and not too dissimilar to the present day political scene in South Africa. It's passionate and cruel ... a staging that should be nominated for the highest award. I was privileged to experience this production." (Mark Wade, Jozi Life)

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