IV Junior Delphic Games for Joburg

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11/11/2011 10:05:48

National Delphic Council hosts the IV Junior Delphic Games 2011 in Johannesburg from 14 - 20 November.

The National Delphic Council of South Africa (NDCSA) is hosting the IV Junior Delphic Games 2011. Presented by the Central Johannesburg College (CJC) under the theme Provoke, Inspire Innovate (The African Paradigm), the National Delphic Council will present a series of Educational programmes, competitions, dialogue and debate, presentations, one on one sessions viz. Moments with Maestros; Master classes; feature exhibitions, showcases; all within the six Delphic Arts Categories, i.e. (1) Acoustic Arts, (2) Performing Arts, (3) Lingual Arts, (4) Visual Arts, (5) Social Arts, (6) Ecological Arts and its respective art disciplines.

Artists, practitioners, educators, community arts and NGOs are invited to join the Delphic activities that will be held at Museum Africa in Newtown where the launch of the Delphic World Cultural Forum will take place. International delegates from Germany, Russia, South Korea, The Philippines, Poland, will participate.

The hosting of the IV Junior Delphic Games 2011 follows South Africa’s participation in two international Games i.e. the II Delphic Games 2005 in Malaysia and the III Delphic Games 2009 in South Korea where South Africa won medals. The key lesson and observation being in how other nations take pride in exhibiting their national heritage, their preservation and promotion of creative arts and aesthetics through education and confident expression of humanity and identity in competition with the best in the world.

For the National Delphic Council of SA, the goal is to facilitate the full entry of South Africa to be a member of the International Delphic Council in mobilizing the rich creative potential of Africa.

Given the growing potential of the arts and heritage in economic regeneration and social cohesion, the primary goal of hosting the games is to utilize competition as an instrument to reposition the arts skills development agenda. Under the Delphic banner of ‘tradition to modernity’, the National Delphic Council sees an opportunity to promote our indigenous knowledge and heritage to grow a unique cultural footprint by engaging youth to explore indigenous content in contemporary expression and creative techniques.

Artists, practitioners and organizations are invited to attend various workshops that will feature presentations, discussions, and exhibitions of artistic products as well as competitive interactions amongst musicians, folk dancers and visual artists. The Junior Delphic Games 2011 are designed as inter-generational encounters; where young artists exchange and dialogue with established artists educators and educators in the field.

Dates: 14 - 20 November 2011 
Venue: Museum Africa

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Hector Manoto
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Brenda Sisane
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Related Venue:
Museum Africa, Newtown Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa