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Fully Committed - you have to be to work here!

Sharmini Brookes
02/24/2013 10:50:38

Sharmini Brookes: An out-of-work actor mans the reservations line at the No.1 Cape restaurant fielding off a clutch of luvvies who all want Table 31. Laugh out loud.

Megan Furniss directs this reworked off-Broadway play with a South African twist allowing Pieter Bosch Botha to showcase his panoply of local accents amongst numerous others.

Pieter Bosch Botha plays 36 characters with only a phone as a prop. Restaurant staff, theatrical agents and customers from hell emerge with a simple gesture, a change in expression and a new voice. This is theatre – where only good acting and the imagination of the audience work together to bring to life the behind-the-scenes drama in a top-end restaurant.

Sam Cooper is the put upon reservations clerk whose manager and work colleague are absent without leave while a celebrity chef from hell (Gordon Ramsay?) demands an immediate ‘Yes Chef!’ to every whimsical query and I-always-get-what-I want A list stars to rich no-one-says-no-to-me benefactors to foreign I-no-understand-what-you-mean tourists keep the phone and his beleaguered ear-drum ringing.

At the same time he is desperately waiting for the call from his agent about his most recent audition. Some of the characters who stick in my mind are the droll theatrical agent who sounds a little like a take-off of Rupert Everett, Naomi Campbell’s secretary with her persistent American optimism and the angry African lover of the restaurant’s maître d’ who he never wants to see again.

An accomplished performance that makes for a good evening’s entertainment leaving you with plenty of time to go for a drink and a bite afterwards – if one can get a reservation of course.

Fully Committed is the celebrity chef’s euphemism for fully booked and is on at the Theatre on the Square, Sandton until 9 March.

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