Crazy in Love wins Best International Production

Christine Skinner
09/16/2014 11:59:06

Crazy in Love has won the Best International Production at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival.

Cape Town has the chance to catch this celebrated show at the Cape Town Fringe Festival from 25 to 30 September.

Presented by A Conspiracy of Clowns, Standard Bank Ovation Award winner Crazy in Love is devised and performed by theatre legend Andrew Buckland and Liezl de Kock, with direction by Rob Murray, and design by Jayne Batzofin.

The production was also hailed by the Fringe Review as one of the Festival’s must-sees and was given an “Outstanding Show” status.

Crazy in Love is the tragicomic story of a father-daughter search for a missing bride and mother. Inspired by an episode in John Irving’s Until I Find You, and told using a captivating blend of physical and visual performance, Crazy in Love is a paean to love and its ensuing madness.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Anneke Jansen, artistic director of the Amsterdam Fringe, commented, “The dream-like quality of the work and the almost child-like return of imagination, made the jury sometimes feel that Alice was back in Wonderland. Crazy in Love puts the ‘playing man’ back in the centre of the play and the performers are absolutely beautiful, creating a unique universe with the seemingly simplest of gestures. The set is ingeniously constructed out of a wide range of attributes that can be transformed into a hut to sleep in, a shrine for the dead or your worst childhood monster nightmare.”

“I’ve always been fascinated by deceptively small human stories that tell a much larger archetypal tale,” says director Rob Murray. “In many ways Crazy in Love pays homage to these, as well as existing in its own right, in the telling of a very moving and hilarious tale. The scale of it makes it a form of road-movie theatre.

“We are honoured to have received this award on such a global platform and alongside such esteemed fellow theatre-makers,” says Murray. “We thank both the organisers of the Amsterdam Fringe and the National Arts Festival for giving us this opportunity.”

Performer Liezl de Kock will also be performing in her Standard Bank Silver Ovation Award winner, Piet se Optelgoed at the Cape Town Fringe. The show has been invited to the Amsterdam Fringe in 2015.

Crazy in Love is the fourth work created by the “open door collective” that is A Conspiracy of Clowns. Other works it has produced have been the smash hit Pictures of You (multi Fleur du Cap winner and top selling 2009 theatre production on the NAF Fringe), Kardiāvale (the cult cabaret clown noir show created under Jayne Batzofinand first presented on the NAF Arena Programme in 2011), and Benchmarks (first presented, in association with FTH:K, on the 2011 NAF Main Programme and then at Out the Box where it won a Handspring Puppet Company Award).

For a taster of Crazy in Love, visit

Both productions carry an Age 16+ restriction.

Crazy in Love will be performed at City Hall 1 on 25 September at 21h30; 26 September at 16:30; 27 September at 20h30; 28 September at 10:30 and 16:30 and on 29 September at 18:30. Tickets costR80 and R65 (concessions).

Piet se Optelgoedwill be performed at City Hall 2 on 25 September at 17h30; 26 September at 12:30; 27 September at 17:30; 28 September at 21:30 and 29 September at 21:30.Tickets cost R60 and R40 (concessions).

Bookings for both productions can be made at

Review comments for Crazy In Love

“one of the must-see shows at the Amsterdam Fringe.” Fringe Review

"unique and complex……excruciatingly funny, hurtful, uncomfortable, yetalways intrinsically pleasing" Artsblog

"simply majestic…a special little play" Business Day

"Andrew Buckland and Liezl De Kock induce both joy and heartache in their Standard Bank Ovation award-winning production…a heart-wrenching tale…Beautiful, moving and expertly presented" Cue

“moments of hilarity…and also a poignant sense of impending disaster and meltdown which increases as the piece progresses…fine entertainment” Artsmart

“visueel baie bevredigend, met as wat lyk soos ʼn hoop rommel op ʼn trollie wat deur die loop van die produksie lewe kry en op kreatiewe wyses gebruik word. As ʼn geheel is Crazy in Love ʼn pragtige verhaal van menslike broosheid, geskep deur drie top Suid-Afrikaanse teatermakers” Litnet

“Buckland is masterful ..... de Kock, who has an uncanny ability to embody an endearing yet tragic beauty on stage, has developed her art to the point where in this play her skill is perfectly matched with Buckland’s” Artsblog

“funny and moving” Mahala

“Powerful....superb” Oppidan Press

Review Comments for Piet se Optelgoed

“It’s a nightmare shot through with exquisite rays of humour” Artsblog

“A very dark humorous look into society... enjoyable and entertaining” Cue

“It’s eerie. It’s macabre. It’s unsettling and will take you deep down to some dark places. Don’t despair though, as de Kock delivers this haunting feast with a generous helping of black humour.” Artsblog

Note to editors

Andrew Buckland

Since 1981, Andrew Buckland has been producing original theatre work of a consistently very high standard and which is clearly seen to be at the forefront of theatre developments in South Africa. Employing a dynamic and exciting combination of visual comedy, sophisticated political satire, clowning, physical theatre, mime and an explosive performance style, the works of Andrew Buckland have become synonymous with provocative, entertaining and stimulating theatre both in South Africa and internationally. The original plays have won a total of 20 national and international theatre awards including several for best performance, best script, best production and play of the year. Most recently he appeared in Sylvaine Strike’s Tobacco Smoke, and the Harmful Effects Thereof, which wowed the National Arts Festival and will be at Amsterdam Fringe in 2015.

Rob Murray

AKA “Ugli Bob”, Rob Murray has worked with award-winningcompanies such as from the hip: khulumakahle (FTH: K), Ubom! Eastern Cape Theatre Company, and is presently co-artistic director of the collective, A Conspiracy of Clowns. He has racked up a number of original, innovative, physical and visual creations and in 2010 was nominated as one of 25 theatre makers internationally for the prestigious Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative. Currently, Rob is putting in the hard yards towards his PhD, doing groundbreaking work in South African Visual Theatre, as well as developing a new performance group UyabionaKe? – See What I Mean.

Liezl de Kock

Liezl de Kock has cemented herself as a versatile, sought-after and multi award winning performer in South Africa. As co-artistic director of AConspiracy of Clowns, she has performed in all their works to date – Pictures of You, Kardiavale, Benchmarks, and now Crazy in Love, as well as all the Deaf and hearing integrated works of FTH:K, being nominated for the Fleur du Cap Best Actress Award for her role as the mother in Rob Murray’s Womb Tide. Liezl was also mentioned in The Sunday Times as one of the best actresses of 2010 in South Africa. Most recently she scooped a Standard Bank Silver Ovation Award for her solo work Piet se Optelgoed, which will be presented at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival in 2015.

Lexi Meier

Lexi Meier finished her Honours at Rhodes Drama in 2012 experimenting with Script Writing, Stage Design, and Choreography. Currently busy with her first year of a Master’s Degree in choreography, she is interested in what happens when movement and materials intertwine in choreographic languages, and how the body can know space. Two major influences on her performances and work have been Illka Louw'sUr (2013), and Liezl de Kock'sPiet se Optelgoed (2014) which is her first professional performance.

A Conspiracy Of Clowns

A Conspiracy Of Clownsis an “open-door collective” of professional theatre makers made up of a flexible number of clowns/directors/ designers/physical performers/writers nationwide. It promotes a collaborative approach to creating high concept, high production value, and original theatre work with a particular focus on alternative approaches to making theatre in the field of clowning, visual theatre, image theatre, puppetry, and contemporary devised performance.

Works to date include the multiple award-winning Pictures Of You, the cabaret clown noir piece Kardiāvale that premiered on the 2011 National Arts Festival Arena Programme, and the Handspring Puppet award-winning Benchmarks (in association with FTH:K) that premiered on the 2011 National Arts Main Festival.

Find out more about the Conspiracy on Facebook ( ,Twitter (@uglibob or @clownconspiracy), via its blog (, or contact


DonkerDonkie is a personal platform for Liezl de Kock to confuse the situation by exploring a moer-by of theatrical passions such as puppetry, object manipulation, contamination of materials, writing, visual arts, and performance all at once. @donkerdonkie on Twitter is where you can join the Petri dish.

Production Credits:
Crazy in Love
Presented by A Conspiracy of Clowns
Created and written by Rob Murray, Andrew Buckland, and Liezl de Kock
Performed by Andrew Buckland and Liezl de Kock
Design by Jayne Batzofin
Directed by Rob Murray

Piet se Optelgoed
Presented by: A Conspiracy of Clowns in association with DonkerDonkie and Rhodes Drama
Created, designed, and written by Liezl de Kock
Performed by Liezl de Kock with Lexi Meier
With theatrical and audio composition by Rob Murray Account:
Christine Skinner
082 855 7277
A Conspiracy of Clowns
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Cape Town Fringe Festival
Dates: Thursday, 20th September 2018 - Sunday, 7th October 2018
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