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Jazz CDs for the new year

Don Albert
01/20/2017 09:21:26

Jazzaholic by Don Albert: Here’s a little gem to start the year off from bassist/vocalist Kristin Korb who I have championed for years from CDs to live performances.

This new CD has just been released titled ‘Beyond the Moon’ which was recorded beautifully in Copenhagen and concentrates on the lyrics of Johnny Mercer on such songs as “Too Marvellous for Words”, “Midnight Sun”, “Jeepers Creepers”, “Moon River” and “I’m Old Fashioned” plus three from Korb and pianist Magnus Hjorth who is a fine accompanist and soloist. Snorre Kirk is the kind of drummer who remains in the background working subtly with brushes and sticks listen to his fours with bass on “Right Under My Eyes” a song written by Korb and Hjorth using the lyrics of Mercer.

Korb is a strong bassist as one would expect having taken lessons from both Ray Brown and John Clayton. Her voice is a little girlish, but not schmaltzy, her phrasing gives reverence to the lyrics and she scats well.

The album is available on iTunes and Amazon or go to

Sometimes one just enjoys a person because they are so passionate about whatever they are doing, or they’re funny and light-hearted like Kevin Davidson who is very serious about his music, but at times has a whimsical side. His latest CD ‘Let Sleeping Doggz Fly’ is his whimsical, but serious side, no deep thinking, nothing morbid or any darkness but free-wheeling and fun plus some very melodic themes “Knowing You’re There” is almost haunting. Besides his composing and arranging skills he is a classy saxophonist.

This CD is filled with musical all sorts and you never know what’s coming next. Various rhythms, big band sounds, an overdrive guitar solo, little comments, Latin rhythms, saxophone solos and intergalactic sounds segue in and out of each other.

There are some strong soloists throughout, but the person that stands out is the engineering of Peter Auret.

I’ve listened to this CD at least 6 times and every time I’ve heard something new. You have never heard anything like this. It’s like The Marx Brothers meets John Williams and Gil Evens.

No doubt in my mind this is a 5 Star Album. For me this is one of the most original CD’s to come out of South Africa.

The CDs are available at The Orbit and, Just CD in Braamfontein or direct from Kevin Davidson call 082 456 3692.

Don Albert is an ex-saxophonist and jazz journalist. He spent 12 years with The Star Newspaper on the Tonight! section writing about jazz. He has presented radio programmes on jazz and was the presenter of the TV series Jazz Studio. He has served on the panel for judges at prestigious competitions. He has also won numerous awards, the latest being A Judges Commendation in the 2013 National Arts Festival Arts Journalist of the Year Awards. Presented by Business and Arts South Africa. It read: For outstanding work as an arts journalist over a sustained period, and for his invaluable contribution to the Jazz Industry through incisive, knowledgeable and passionate reporting.