RedFest 2017 announces patrons for 2017

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09/15/2017 14:28:26

RedFest 2017 approaches and preparations are continuing apace for what promises to be a spectacular showcasing of South African talent.

Alongside the theatrical smorgasbord on offer, comes the Sunshine Collective (SUCO) with the launch of a unique conscious silent disco workout combining meditation, breathwork, yoga, dance and cardio for an all-in-one workout experience. Billed as the Secret Sunset event, the SUCO crew will cater for all ages and fitness levels, tailoring the session for everyone to feel freedom, have fun and enjoy a completely new experience. Designed from an integrated and holistic wellness approach, Secret Sunset is a wonderfully liberating experience the whole family can enjoy.

The Patrons Programme this year carries some heavyweight names in South African entertainment and seeks to bring a strong, professional demeanour to the festival.

CEO of The Market Theatre Foundation, Ismail Mohamed, a patron of the festival this year, observed: “Enhancing [the Redhill] school environment with an arts festival that is open to the city affirms that the school recognizes the inherent value of culture, its contribution to society and its symbiotic relationship with education. As South Africa grapples with leadership challenges and unresolved conflicts the arts will have more to say than ever before, particularly in how we relate to each other and how we think about our country’s future. I applaud the school’s visionary leadership for their courage to present an arts festival that celebrates artistic excellence and diversity while at the same time inspiring and challenging us in creative ways to engage with our national conversations.”

RedFest 2017 is a showcase for the preeminent Naledi Theatre Awards, pioneered by another patron Dawn Lindberg: “Naledi honours professional theatre in 27 categories, but our main focus is on developing and inspiring new, young theatre practitioners and to build audiences of the future. With this aim in mind, it is important to encourage Festivals of the ilk of RedFest, which is crammed full of new SA works most of which have proved themselves at the National Festival of the Arts and elsewhere.”

Fellow patron Yvette Hardie, ASSITEJ South Africa’s director, concurs: “Theatre is a most profound and powerful mechanism for exploring what it means to be human in challenging times. For young people, the opportunity to engage with the best theatre and artistic experiences can be life-changing. For this reason amongst others I am delighted to be one of the patrons of Redfest - a festival which promises to shift the perceptions of audiences about the world around them.”

Drawing on the patrons’ extensive knowledge and experience, RedFest 2017 is set to redefine the standard of performance and quality of productions this year, making it a thoroughly enjoyable and professional weekend of festivities.

Other patrons include Alan Ford and Kate Liquorish, highly accomplished theatrical folk and household names for many the world over.

Dawn Lindberg says it best:“I am looking forward to seeing some established artistes in a new light, such as Kate Normington, and edgy plays such as Helen of Troyeville, written by award-winning playwright Mike Van Graan, and featuring the much loved Gina Schmukler. Please come and join me at RedFest!”

Join us for fun and festivities for the whole family

From Saturday 23 - 25 September this year, the school grounds will bring together all that is best of a traditional, family marketplace feel, polished performances across a host of disciplines, as well as a simply great time out for all and sundry. Kicking off with the Red Tie cocktail reception on the evening of the 21 September, a well-rehearsed and consistently embraced weekend of delight will follow, ending on Monday 25 September.

With ample parking and all amenities available, RedFest 2017 promises to take a great initiative to new heights and provide premier entertainment for all comers. For more information go to

About Redhill School

Recognised as a premier education facility for over a century, Redhill School is once again poised to distinguish itself with the Redhill Innovate initiative, encapsulated by the second annual RedFest, a feast of performing arts presented by students and performing partners.

Capitalising on its traditionally heavy lean towards exemplary, rounded education, this year’s RedFest will see some sterling productions from students and professional artists, while also no doubt offering talent scouts an opportunity to mark up and coming stars of the stage & screen. RedFest is key to building the Redhill Innovate concept, as it not only offers the value and sheer joy of the performing arts, but also goes towards preparing students for the world that awaits them. Developing an appreciation of arts and culture, as well as their practise and presentation, is seen as an essential component of the Redhill ethos and sponsors, participants and the public at large are set for a treat as RedFest looms.

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